Our Story

Our story is really your story. The jewellery you buy from Dimitries Jewellers tells the story of your life: love, relationships, family, celebrations, achievements, milestones. We play our part by helping you mark those big moments. We’ve been doing this since 1967. We’re proud of our long history, and our strong connection to this community, but it’s all been done with you in mind.


Dimitries Jewellers has made some exciting changes to give you an even better jewellery buying experience. But the “new” Dimitries will never change the things you’ve always loved about us. For example, we’ll continue to act not as sales people, but as trained, qualified professionals who are passionate about what we do – that is, helping you buy what you want, not what we want to sell you. The three E’s say it best:


Educate: We’re happy to explain all the factors that will influence your purchasing decision. This will guide you in the right direction, towards a purchase based on knowing all the facts.


Enable:  We are here to enable you to make the right decision – a decision you’re 100% happy with.  


Enhance: We want to enhance your jewellery buying experience in every way we can. Quality jewellery, outstanding design, a relaxed, no-pressure approach, ongoing post sales service, the ultimate in convenience through our personal shopping service – these are just a few ways we put you front and centre at all times.       


We don’t want you to spend money you don’t have. We don’t want you to buy something you’re not totally comfortable with. That’s always been our philosophy, and it will never change. So, what has changed?


Some of our biggest changes are online, especially our personal shopping service and e-commerce store.  If you want to shop with us but can’t make it in to the store, you can send a personal shopping request to this website with images or links to jewellery items you’d like to purchase. We’ll take care of the rest. Even if you have just a vague idea of what you want, tell us about it and we’ll do some hunting for you. Who better to shop on your behalf than people who live and breathe jewellery? You can pay for the products through the website, or over the phone, and we’ll post them to you. No hassles.


Another huge change sees us going back to designing our own pieces again. This is very exciting for us and, hopefully, just as exciting for you. We have two award-winning designers in house, and we want you to have access to custom made and designed pieces without the designer price tag attached.  


In spite of these changes, we will always acknowledge the wonderful foundation laid for us by the Dimitries family. There will always be a member of the family directly involved in the day to day running of the business. But with all due respect to our team, past and present, the most important person in all of this, is you. We hope you feel that as soon you walk into Dimitries Jewellers. The way we interact with you, using the three E’s as a guide, will prove that you’re the hero of this story. We’re just here to help you look good!