The single word “metal” seems inadequate when discussing the rare brilliance of platinum, the lustrous allure of gold, or the sparkling sheen of silver. For all that, it’s a very important word in a jeweller’s vocabulary.  The metal we use in a piece of jewellery will determine how good it will look, how long it will last and, crucially, how it will highlight precious stones; picture how a platinum band accentuates a cluster of diamonds and you’ll understand!


Dimitries Jewellers would love to meet you and help you choose the right metal. In the meantime, here’s our guide to the big three of precious metals: Platinum, Gold, Silver.


Platinum: We have a soft spot for super strong platinum.  We specialize in platinum and create jewellery that does this rare metal justice. Did we say rare? It’s said that all the platinum ever mined could fit into the average lounge room!


Platinum is considerably stronger than gold, and prongs made from it hold stones firmly in place on a ring. Characteristically, platinum is “stickier” than gold; instead of flaking over time, it disperses. Its toughness is exceeded only by its beauty. It’s pure white with a brilliant sheen that matches the most spectacular diamonds and gemstones. It’s the ultimate precious metal. No wonder we love working with it.



Gold: It’s the most written about, most talked about, and most used precious metal in fine jewellery. But while gold is certainly famous, it can’t dazzle on its own. In its pure form, gold is too soft to wear on a daily basis. Metals like silver, zinc or copper are added to give it longer-lasting qualities. The striking pinkish tone in rose gold is achieved when copper is added, while metals such as silver make white gold resemble platinum.


Even with added strength, gold remains easy to work with. We can shape it in creative and beautiful ways. For this reason, gold deserves its fame, even if it does need co-star support!



Silver: Silver, like gold, is soft in its pure form.  This is why sterling silver, with added copper, is widely used in jewellery. It’s stronger and more durable, allowing silver to shine for many years.


Silver’s glorious sheen might make you forget that it’s an affordable metal. As we like to satisfy all tastes and budgets, Dimitries Jewellers has a definite appreciation for silver, and the relatively inexpensive pieces crafted from it.


Pros & cons of silver: Silver is best for daily dress pieces. It’s not recommended for engagement or wedding rings as it wears faster than gold and platinum. A big benefit is affordability; silver pieces look a million dollars without the equivalent price tag. 


When it comes to metals, we’ve only scratched the surface. It’s one word that has a deep meaning in our world, and yours. Be it platinum, gold or silver, we’d love to share our knowledge and help you make the perfect metal match.