Custom Design

Custom design jewellery is created through a series of steps. Think of it as a journey, starting from a single idea, and ending at a magical destination: a stunning, one-off piece designed for you, and you alone. Just thinking about it makes us excited!


The design team at Dimitries Jewellers has been trained specifically in our core competencies, including custom design. We’d love to go through the process with you. Don’t worry. While the word process might sound methodical and routine, it is actually a framework from which we hang all sorts of creative and imaginative things: ideas, visions, stories, dreams. We can’t wait to go through that inspirational process with you. Here’s how we’ll do it:


  • An initial design appointment gives you the opportunity to meet our designers, chat about those thoughts simmering in your head, and get an initial brief organised. This usually includes a quick sketch or series of sketches to bring your ideas to life on paper.


  • Initial appointments usually take an average of 30 minutes but we don’t want to rush things. Being too hasty could see us miss out on discussing some brilliant ideas, so we normally book out an hour to give us plenty of time.


  • In this initial appointment, it’s very helpful to bring any useful information about the wearer with you. Things like photos, or images that have been not-so-subtly shown to you for inspiration, will get us off to a flying start.


  • It would also be good to bring another thing with you: an idea of your budget! This will help our designer get a feel for the best course of action within certain price guidelines. This is very important to us. We want to create something beautiful that fits your vision, but we know it’s even more beautiful when it fits into your budget!


  • After the initial appointment we move onto quoting and finalising the design. This is where your ideas really start to take shape!


  • Once you’ve approved the design and quote, we ask for a 30% deposit to commence work. The balance can be paid during production or on collection of the item.


  • During the production stage, you’ll be naturally excited and curious about how things are going. We will happily touch base to let you know the status of your project throughout the process.


  • The final stage is collection. Watching a customer’s reaction when they see the completed piece for the first time is something we’ll never tire of. It reminds us why we love custom design so much.



We’d love to be your travelling companions on the custom design journey. Each step will take you closer to that wonderful destination, and it all starts with the initial appointment. Contact Dimitries Jewellers and book yours today. 

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