Additional Services

Repair Service

A piece of jewellery does more than just look beautiful. It can also recall the excitement of a special occasion, or act as a cherished memory of a person dear to you. A family heirloom, a wedding band, an anniversary ring…whatever it is, seeing that treasured piece fall into disrepair, or lose its beauty and shine, can be heart breaking. Don’t worry. We can help keep your jewellery, and memories, alive!

Dimitries Jewellers offers a speedy repair service. We normally have a three-day turnaround at our Canberra workshop, so you won’t be without your special piece of jewellery for too long. While we’re fast, we’re also very thorough. Only an experienced jeweller can provide this combination of speed and attention to detail, which is where our repair service sets us apart. Our jeweller has worked for our family for 35 years, and specialises in a wide range of services:

- Jewellery repair: over the years, our jeweller has seen it all. No matter what needs doing, we’ll fix it.

- Resizing: if your ring starts to feel too tight, or too loose, resizing is an affordable way to achieve a much better fit.

- Soldering: this is used in many situations like when part of a ring’s band wears thin and needs to be replaced, or for fixing a link in a broken chain.

- Rhodium plating: to give new life and lustre to white gold jewellery.

- Buff and polishing: for restoring shine to worn metal, particularly gold and silver.

Whether it’s broken, or looking a little worse for wear, bring your jewellery into us and we’ll take care of it. Dimitries Jewellers knows how much it means to you, and you can rest assured your precious piece will be in the safest, and most caring, of hands. With our experience and expertise, we can repair that jewellery, as well as your broken heart!

If you would like to know more about our Additional Services, please do not hesitate to get in touch!