Care guide

Jewellery care


Your jewellery will dazzle you, but don’t let that blind you to the fact that nothing is indestructible. Not even the best materials and manufacture can totally protect a piece of jewellery without certain things being done to preserve it. We believe your jewellery should be a lifetime companion, so here are a few things you can do to give it some tender, loving care:


  • Regular cleaning to preserve metal and gemstone health. Obviously a professional clean is best, as jewellers have materials and products that will do a thorough job without damaging your jewellery. If you are tempted to do some DIY cleaning, we strongly urge you to come in and get some advice from us before you start. Metals and stones have different characteristics, as diverse as the cleaning methods best suited to them. Let us advise you on the right materials and cleaning products.


  • Having the settings checked regularly to make sure claws aren’t wearing down. A worn setting, on a ring or pendant for example, can loosen the precious stone it is meant to secure. A loose stone could soon become a lost stone, and you’d be the one losing it if that happened! A regular check could save a whole lot of pain, so put it in your diary.


  • Taking pieces off while doing tasks like washing the dishes, doing the gardening or showering. All these safeguards are fairly obvious. What you might not have thought of is taking your rings off before you go to sleep. This is done more for medical reasons than anything; by taking your rings off, you allow fluid to drain from your fingers at night. This is a good idea as it means we don’t have to cut the ring off. Or your finger. Our jewellers are accommodating but they object to having “finger amputation” as part of their job description.


  • Store your jewellery as carefully as they store the crown jewels in the Tower of London. Separate storage of each item in a sealed bag is ideal. This is particularly important for softer metals, like silver and gold, that can scratch easily. Sealing all of your jewellery items will also reduce tarnishing.


  • Avoid contact with chlorinated water or chemical products. We cringe every time we see someone dive into a swimming pool while still wearing their jewellery! Don’t wear silver jewellery when using household cleaning fluids as they create abrasions and reduce the metal’s lustre. The same goes for gold. Our advice: take the jewellery off, leave the swimsuit on, and get someone else to do the housework!


We have many more care tips, and some of them might be particularly relevant to a very special piece in your possession. We’d love you to come in and tell us what you have. In return, we’ll tell you how to best care for it. Remember, nothing is indestructible but good advice and an ongoing care routine will certainly add many years to your much-loved jewellery.