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If you think our jewellery has character and personality, just wait until you meet the people who design it! One of the big changes we’ve made at Dimitries Jewellers is going back to designing our own pieces again. Our design team, including two award winning designers, has never been more important.  (Don’t tell them, they may ask for a pay rise.)  We thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to our designers as you might be dealing with them very closely in the near future!


Amalia Stavreas: General Manager, Head Designer


  • GIA qualified Diamond Grader


  • Custom Jewellery design
  • Jewellery remodelling design
  • Engagement and wedding ring specialist


  • Diamond guild award 2015


  • 10 years


Amalia is the General Manager of Dimitries Jewellers and as such, has asked us to say only nice things about her. Actually, that isn’t true. What is true is that Amalia has had a very interesting career path.  

Amalia grew up in the jewellery industry but left to pursue a career in physiotherapy. After five years studying and working in the Heath Care Industry in Sydney, she came back to Canberra to work in Dimitries on a brief sabbatical, which led to a fully-fledged design career. In 2016, Amalia flew to the United States to study diamond grading in New York City, and design in Great Neck, Long island. On her return to Canberra, Amalia completed her MBA to explore what more our business could do for our clients. 

Loving everything about jewellery design and diamonds, Amalia now works as Dimitries’ general manager and creative director, and can be found working remotely with clients or at our Queanbeyan design showroom


Mystara Holweg: Resident designer


  • Jewellery remodelling design
  • Engagement ring design
  • Guitar Hero champion


  • 5 years in the industry


Mystara came to us as a customer! We loved her side-splitting sense of humour, so we offered her a job on the spot. Our impulsiveness has repaid us many times. As a trained make-up artist, Mystara has always had a flair for the creative, and she has developed her design and remodelling skills training directly under our Creative Director, Amalia. She now uses this gift while working as an extremely talented jewellery designer, specialising in engagement and wedding rings, and remodelling design services.

Additionally, Mystara has an intense interest in gemstones! If you wish to learn more about natural gems from someone who adores them as much as you do, Mystara is definitely the designer to speak to.

As a noteworthy mention, Mystara is ranked Number 2 in the world for Guitar Hero!


Tina Stavreas:  Director, Lead Designer and Diamond Grader

  • HRD Qualified Diamond Grader
  • Australian Practical Diamond Grader
  • GIA qualified Pearl Grader
  • GIA qualified Coloured Gem Grader


  • Custom Jewellery design
  • Jewellery remodelling specialist


  • Diamond guild finalist 2015 Solitaire category
  • Womens Weekly Winner People’s Choice Award


Tina has grown up in the jewellery industry. She remembers sitting next to her father as a child, learning about diamonds and helping him sort gemstones. She’s also the boss’s Mum…so does that make Tina the real boss??  Tina is an artist and a sculptor with an eye for creativity and an impeccable attention to detail. Tina is highly knowledgeable on all things jewellery, including diamonds and gemstones, and she specialises in custom design pieces. She is fiercely determined to use this knowledge, experience and flair to get the right outcome for her clients. If you wish to work with a designer who will work tirelessly to make sure your piece is exactly what you want, Tina is the designer for you.


You’ve read about our designers. Now it’s time to meet them! Book an appointment to chat with one of our design team. Find out what makes them tick, and discover what sort of magic design they can create just for you. 

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